lundi 11 octobre 2010


Hello Addex, nice to meet you. Could you first tell us what were the conditions to leading you making music?

Hello and nice to meet you too. My first connection to the electronic music was after my 10 years of life and since i was a child, i heard and grew up with a range of diverse genres mostly chillout, trance, house / tech-house, and of course techno, wich was the leading style back in the rave days. Since then, i heard so much house music and five years later i’ve been attracted to the more calm zone, deep house and lounge style. After that, the step for producing music was near.

Where comes from your inspiration, this sweetest way to vibrate on your tracks?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. Anything is an inspiration. Any move, feeling, sound, nature, journey, everything is connected. When you listening to so much music and interact with people, places, chapters in life, you express your vibration making music and deliver your perspective. Sometimes, you need to produce a type of style when you spend hours in a club, sometimes you feel to produce a calm track by relaxing in a quite place or sea, this are some examples, but it really depends on every artist. The travels are sending me lots of inspiration and the future of life also. I try to stay fair to the sound, so i want to keep that circle with my inspirations for music.

What do you think of the major industries those times?

One thing is for sure ,it’s evolving. The people really express their vision by writing another chapter in electronic music. The music is getting more rhythmatic and futuristic. There is like much more vibe from the beat to the body now. The sounds are crazy and there are artists who just want to produce their favorite style, enjoy and doing it with passion. Creating your world by making music is an amazing feeling and you are disconnected from the daily life. In other cases, you feel like music helps you and you want to give back that feeling. The industry is big and smoothly mixed styles, but it’s vey great for all hearing lots of releases, following more artists and labels to keep up with the news and finding always something fresh. The music has no limits for exploring and producing it so it will be very interesting to see it some years from now changing.

How do you work?

I have nothing wich i follow or a schedule. I like to create new sounds everytime i start something new and explore every beat. I like to work with pads and chordes, also instrumental parts creating percussions or loops.

Preparing an album, is it difficult?

It’s always fun, interesting and exciting. It’s not difficult when you are pacient with your project, have all togheter organize with an idea. I think it was a bit tough, but when i started Moments In Timeless Strings, i planned what would be like and how it should be heard mostly. Of course, months are passing by so you always have to re-write the concept, cause you have been created some songs and you need to keep that idea in the same direction. The album is the work of eight amazing months with help from great collaborations by The Messenger, Ocean Gaya, Eskadet and Christoph Kardek for four beaufiful tracks from the album. They helped me to create different tracks with different style for the album’s vision and i thank them for that. I am really satisfied with the results.

Why have you chosen Etoka?

They are a great label and a great team. Their releases are great and played by vast dj’s all over the world - it is a perfect combination for home listening and dancing. In November 2009 I release “Synthetic Life EP” with great remixes for the track and has received a great support. They are fast growing and always releases from Etoka are interesting, so having this collaboration for some time, we have planned releasing this album and the future work for it.

Something to tell us about the evolution of new technologies?

Oh my, the speed of light evolution is now like a walk. They’ve always been there to make the life more easier and to enjoy it. Everything will be much more connected to another dimension as the time past. I don’t think there’s something untold about the new technologies…most of things will be running by USB ports, processors will be with multiple core’s, OLED screens will take over, nanotechnologies and so on until liquid / artificial intelligence things. Interesting to see also the evolution of music because the systems are changing, the quality will be in another form and measures. The information will be improved vastly and so much knowledge is rising. We are living great times.

What are now your projects?

At the moment, my productions are getting slower. To much projects and not enough time to be concentrated for future work. I’ve got some remixes to do and working slowly and carefully on my second chillout album with my Openzone Bar alias. I want to work on every detail so the attention will be higher. We are planning to release a Moments In Timeless Strings [Remixed Album] with some amazing remixers. Also new project under development...

Are you listening other styles besides dance scene?

Sure, but nowdays music styles are so mixed up, hard to tell wich part isn’t from that genre and wich is. Pop-Rock i like to listen ,soft rock aswell. For groups, i will try to name some from Electronica styles with other influence genres : Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Underworld, Faithless. And for other areas i like music from Sade, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Texas or Coldplay, to name a few. I also listen some smooth jazz, bossa nova or nu-jazz.

Are you closed to other genres in electronic music?

Of course. It’s hard not to like producing also lounge and downtempo music for an electronica style producer, but i am always open to make a deep house track with elements from a different zone.

A piece of word in French?

Suivez votre intuition.

Many thanks for this, and thanks again to have taking time for this, best regards from France.

Thank you very much for this. Bye-bye.

October 2010

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